The Beginning of Weekly Update Wednesday!

My first ‘Weekly Update Wednesday’ and I’m pretty late in the day doing it. But that’s okay, because nobody’s even reading yet, right? Right. (If someone is reading this, HI!)

As a short introduction, Weekly Update Wednesday is pretty much how it sounds. I update on what I’m watching, reading, ect. and talk a bit about it. Nothing fancy, nothing really awesome and eye catching but if you want a suggestion of what to read or watch, this could be a place to get ideas.


What am I watching?

Fairy Tail (Currently episode 65)

I swear, I am never in a million years going to make it through this show. I found this on Netflix a while back (when it was actually still on Netflix) and all they had available was 48 episodes. I thought that was a tolerable amount and it looked like a great show, so I took the bite. The good news: It is a great show. The bad news: I found out fairly quickly that there are not, in fact, 48 episodes. More like 277. Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t like long-winded series, unless I jump on at the beginning and can keep up with it. However, I was already into the storyline so I signed up for a Funimation account and after finishing a few other shorter animes, I started Fairy Tail from the beginning again and here I am now, about to begin episode 66. Still a long way to go, but I do really enjoy this show. Just when I start to get ‘bored’, something comes along and snaps me right back to attention.

I would highly recommend it to anyone who likes both a challenge and a good anime.


What am I reading?

Black Butler Volume 16

Yes, a manga. That’s almost all I’ve been reading lately, but in my defense I just found out that my library actually has manga. I have a lot of catching up to do.

So far, I’m really loving the Black Butler manga and I actually prefer it to the anime. I do find it funny how they did something similar to the Titanic and now we’re in almost a Harry Potter setting. The only thing that makes me nervous about this is that it’s still ongoing. Meaning, these cliffhangers are going to be the end of me once I get to that point. I hate starting an unfinished series/manga, but I made the exception with this one because I was completely curious about how things ended off with season 2 of the anime. I am so glad that things diverged along the way. I can actually go back and watch season 3 now! (You know, if I ever finish ‘Fairy Tail’.)

This is also something that I would highly recommend, as long as you’re okay with a darker storyline. Ciel’s background alone is incredibly dark in theme, when you understand what exactly was done to him, and it doesn’t get much better as things go along. It is very well done, however, and there’s enough humor (albeit, dark humor) to keep things from being overwhelming.


Really, that’s about all for now. By this time next week, I expect I’ll be done with the ‘Black Butler’ manga and hope to be much farther in to ‘Fairy Tail’. I may have to take a sidetrack with anime, however, because I just found out today that ‘Blue Exorcist’ season 2 is already out, up to episode six. How did I miss that?! I knew it was going to get a season 2 this year, but I had no idea it would be so soon. Last time I looked I couldn’t even find a premiere date and now there’s six episodes for me to catch up on. I guess I know what I’m doing this weekend, even though I usually prefer the dubs over subs. My impatience won’t let me wait on this one.

Until the next post, awesome peoples!

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