For the Love of Music

Hello and welcome to Song Suggestion Saturday! This will be a relatively short post and I have a feeling it will be pretty useless to most people scrolling past my quiet little blog. After all, this is a nerdy blog, right? Who in their right mind would throw in a musical side track? Me. And I never said I was in my right mind. So ha.

I have very wide musical tastes, so the genre here will vary from week to week. However, if anyone possibly reading out there is at any point interested in these posts and wants a specific genre, please toss it my way in a comment! As long as I do have a suggestion from that genre, I’d be more than happy to base a post on it. Heaven knows I’ll never run out of content for this weekly post.

Enough rambling! It’s time for the suggestion! The big moment of truth! Drum roll please (no pun intended)!

‘For You Only’ by Trading Yesterday

This is such a beautiful song. There are two versions of it (that I’ve found).

The first version that I found digging around on Youtube so many years ago was the piano version. For a long time, I thought that was the only one and I was okay with it. It’s beautiful and haunting and the singer’s voice is something to absolutely die for.

The second version I found on Spotify is a good deal different. It starts out mostly the same but ends up having an intense rock theme after the first chorus hits. To summarize my take on the rock version: I love it.

Both versions are beautiful and I honestly could not pick a favorite if someone forced me to. I love the piano version because of just how beautiful it is. I love the rock version because I’ve always loved rock (that’s what I was raised on) and the intensity of it doesn’t take away from the beauty it possesses.

Since this is a nerdy blog, I feel I should go ahead and state that this song is on my list for an ‘Attack on Titan’ AMV. I hope to have that up in a few weeks, so check out the song now so you can have a good idea of what I’ll be sharing soon!

After giving them a listen, or if you’ve heard them before, which is your favorite? Do you not have a favorite? Are you the strange soulless being who doesn’t like either of them? Let me know in a comment!

Stay nerdy, friends!

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