Why am I Always Late?

So, I’m pushing the line here to hit the deadline on this as a ‘Song Suggestion SATURDAY’, but in my defense, I haven’t been home all day. I do apologize for that. Pretty sure no one will miss this post too much, but in the event that anyone has: Sorry!

On to the suggestion! This week my genre selection is none other than K-Pop! Most of my musical taste leans more toward K-Hip hop, but everyone seems to call it K-Pop anyway.


If you have not heard this song, or anything by BTS, I would highly recommend you look them up right now, at least if you like foreign pop/hip hop music. BTS is one of my favorite K-Pop groups and this was the first song that introduced me to them, so it just sort of settled in as my favorite. Also, I saw an ‘Attack on Titan’ cosplay cover dance to it (look it up on Youtube, it’s AMAZING) and it just made me love the song even more.

In the event that those of you reading this do not know what K-Pop is, it is Korean pop music. It’s just much easier to say ‘K-Pop’.

That’s all for this one. May this musical suggestion light up your day! I promise to try being more on time for my post tomorrow.

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