Might as Well Call it Song Suggestion SUNDAY

I honestly can’t even blame being away from home today being the cause of this late post. I can blame the fact that I worked several hours from home, but I don’t think that’s a very good excuse. At any rate, at least I remembered before I went to bed, even though this just became ‘Song Suggestion Sunday’ once again. Maybe next weekend will be better timing-wise.

My song suggestion this week is: ‘Ghost Town’ by Egypt Central.

I’ve been in a strange musical mood this week. It’s ranged from K-Pop, to Fall Out Boy, to… well, this song I’m suggesting. If you actually give it a listen (which I highly recommend you do), you’ll realize how wide of a spectrum that is.

This is one of those really intense songs that just seems like it belongs in an action movie. It’s a perfect work out song as well, if working out is something you’re into. It gets you pumped up and maybe not feeling good, but it’s been my go to grunge song this week.

Caution: Do not listen to this song while driving unless you’re paying close attention to your speedometer. Trust me.

Sorry this post is so short guys, but I’ll try to make it up with my ‘Random Sunday’ post! Check out the song, kick back, and enjoy the weekend!

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