Look, I Made It On Time!

It’s a beautiful, rainy Saturday and you know why it’s a beautiful day? Because I don’t have to work. That’s why.

Happy weekend, my friends! I hope you’re having a great one so far. Here I am with another Song Suggestion Saturday, the shortest post I make by far. But hey, if something I write helps people find their new favorite song, I’m happy.

My suggestion for this week is ‘Shatter Me’ by Lindsey Stirling, featuring Lzzy Hale. If you have never heard of Lindsey Stirling (or Lzzy Hale), you need to check them out. They’re both amazing!

My suggestion has been on repeat for a while now, so if you like violins, dubstep, and a super epic vocalist, this is the song for you! The lyrics, personally, say a lot to me and if I had to pick a song that I felt summarizes my life at this point, it would probably be this one.

So check it out, have a nice mini jam session, and enjoy the weekend!


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