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Tale as Old as Time…

That’s right, you guys knew this post was coming.

‘Beauty and the Beast’ was one of those movies that I was really nervous about when I heard it was going to be done. I thought that it had the potential to be really good or really bad. I can say personally, after having seen it two times already, that it is an incredible adaption. Perhaps not everyone will agree with me, especially with all of the crazy controversy out there, but I thought it was very well done and there was nothing in it that is unsafe for children. It’s just as wonderful as the original and I would love to see it a third time. I’m going to highlight some of the major points that I enjoyed most.

Plot holes cleanly paved over. There were several ‘plot holes’ in the original animation that, as I grew older, made me scratch my head. Was the Beast really 11 years old when he was cursed? How did Mrs. Potts have a son at her age? Where is Belle’s mother? These things are all solved and doesn’t leave you scratching your head, trying to do some serious math. I’m not going to elaborate too much because not only is it spoilery, but a couple people have already touched on this very subject and I don’t want to risk imposing too much on their topic.

Flawless filmography. Everything about the filming and editing was perfection. The shots were so well done and even with all of the singing, I never noticed an editing slip. Everyone working together behind the camera did such a grand job. The scenery was beautiful, the acting was great, and the finished product was, in my opinion, a grand success.

The most amazing casting I’ve ever seen for an adaption. Whoever did the casting for this movie needs about 50% of the profits because holy cow patties. I know some people still aren’t fond of Hermione- I mean, Emma Watson as Belle, but I think it’s a perfect fit. As with many of the other actors, Luke Evans and Josh Gad in particular, not only did they visually match the animated version of themselves, but their voices were spot on. There were many times in the songs that I had to do a double take because it almost sounded like they had pulled straight from the animation. The accuracy was absolutely breath-taking.

Now, I’m sure you’ve all heard the controversy about the ‘gay scene’. If that’s something you have a problem with, please, do not let it deter you from going to see this movie. Unless you’re absolutely looking for it, it’s not something that’s in your face. Sure, it’s there. But you’re really only going to notice if you either want it to be there or if you’re watching desperately in the hopes that it isn’t.

Go see the movie. If you don’t like it, then don’t go see it a second time like I did. At worst, you’re out ten bucks and two hours. At best, you’ll have a new favorite film.

Have a great week, nerd dudes and nerdettes!

The Shortest Post of the Week!

Ah, Saturday’s. Perfect for laying around and doing nothing. Such a wonderful treat. While you guys are (hopefully) resting up for the new week to come, here’s a musical suggestion for your entertainment!

This week, the genre is Japanese rock music. Why? Because I’m obsessed with foreign stuff right now, that’s why.

‘Inside of Me’ by the Vamps.

I absolutely love this song. There’s no Japanese in this particular song, but it’s still part of the ‘Japanese rock’ genre. I came across this one by accident in a K-Rock vs J-rock video and I have not been disappointed. If you ever need good music suggestions, just go to Youtube and look up something like that. You’ll be glad to did.

So go forth, look it up, and enjoy!

Today is My Friday

And so it’s Wednesday again. I’m actually excited about it this time because tonight is my last work night of the week. I put in for a nice, long four day weekend because ‘Beauty and the Beast’ comes out tomorrow night and I will be there to see it the first showing available. I’ve had my tickets for well over a month now. There may be an extra post this week specifically fangirling over that movie (or sobbing over how they destroyed it, depending on how it goes, I guess) so keep an eye out. If not before, that will likely be the topic of ‘Random Sunday’ this week.

Anyway, on to the updates! (The part probably no one reads, but hey, it’s fun to keep track of.)


Watching: ‘Fairy Tail’ currently episode 108. Look, I made some progress! I’m almost  halfway there! This weekend, I plan to push past that halfway mark. It’s my birthday Sunday and since I’m saving my funds for MomoCon, why not spend it relaxing and watching anime?

I’m currently in quite a state of distress because it seems as though some characters I love dearly are dead. However, if there’s one thing I learned about this show, it’s that it is incredibly difficult to kill a member of Fairy Tail. Even when you think one of them is dead, even if you see the body, it’s no guarantee they’re gone.


Reading: ‘The Choosing’ by Rachelle Dekker. I was really excited about this series. Ted Dekker is one of my favorite authors and since Rachelle is his daughter, I figured the apple couldn’t fall very far from the tree. It is a good book, don’t get me wrong. However, it touches on one of my personal biggest pet peeves and that’s making it incredibly difficult to get through. I started it last Friday and I just reached the halfway mark yesterday. That’s painfully slow progress in my case. Considering the fact that they’re due back to the library Monday and I’m only on book one out of three, I doubt I’ll make it through the entire series even with four days off. At this point, I’d much rather focus on my anime list.

Important note: The fact that this book isn’t my cup of tea DOES NOT mean I do not recommend it. In fact, I would highly recommend it, because she’s a new author and very talented. It simply touches on my pet peeve of a girl believing she’s nothing without a man, or being a wife and feeling she has no other place in the world. I know a change of heart is coming (at least I hope it is), it’s just a long road getting there, apparently. And I also know the main character’s reaction is completely realistic with how she was raised, it just grates on my nerves. THE BOOK IS STILL GOOD, OKAY? Read it and let us discuss.


Cosplaying: Might as well throw this in here, right? I’m super excited because I have all of the pieces I need for my Winry cosplay, minus the wig. That was shipped yesterday and should be here within two weeks, so the email says. I cannot wait to put it all together! I’m honestly more excited for this than I was for the ‘Attack on Titan’ cosplay I did. Wish me luck!


That’s all for this week. Time to get back to work and adulting and all that ‘fun’ stuff us nerds try to avoid. Until next time, nerd dudes and nerdettes!

I’m Going to MomoCon!

I’m going to MomoCon 2017! To say I’m excited would be a vast understatement, because I honestly didn’t anticipate going. One look at the guest list, however, convinced me that I needed to work some extra overtime and snag those tickets. It’s a bit of an adventure for me because I’ll be going out of state for this one, but I’m ready for it!


What am I looking forward to? J. Michael Tatum and Josh Grelle, these two being the main reason I decided I needed to go after all. I absolutely love them both and the fact that they’re going to be there solidified my resolve to go! However, they aren’t the only thing I’m looking forward to with this event. There’s supposed to be a ‘MomoCon at the Aquarium’ thing and that sounds like a ton of sun. Of course I’m also looking forward to making new friends and just exploring in general! Maybe find some more animes to add to my extensive ‘to-watch’ list.


Am I cosplaying? Yes. Totally. 100%. I actually got a few pieces that I’ll need today and I ordered the rest offline. Almost complete!


What am I cosplaying? Winry Rockbell from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. I have wanted to cosplay her for a long time. I thought it would be easy (HA!) but I’m finding it’s actually very difficult to find some of the pieces I need, since I’m going for the less cosplayed version of herself. I’ll be wearing her casual black skirt, white tank top, black jacket combo. Finding that jacket was almost impossible and I still didn’t find a perfect one. I have a few days to return it, so if anyone knows of a place I can find an exact replica, let me know!

But that’s just for one day. I’m still debating on this, but I would like to do a crossover cosplay. Depending on how it works out, I’m going to crossover Fullmetal Alchemist and Attack on Titan. That’s right, Winry Rockbell is going to be a Scout. Not sure yet if I need to get anything else to enhance the similarities between the two, but it’ll be fun figuring it out.


Sorry this was such a fangirly post, guys. I couldn’t think of anything else to write about today because this has been on the front of my mind. I honestly can’t wait! It’s not my first Con, but it’s the first full weekend event I’m attending. Wish me cosplaying luck!

Have a great week, nerd dudes and nerdettes!