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Another Week, Another Wednesday

It’s Wednesday again! That means it’s time for another (almost pointless…) update! Once again, it’s been a busy week and once again the only real progress I’ve made in the fictional realm is from reading, and most of that has been done on breaks at work. But progress is progress, right?


Watching: ‘Fairy Tail’, currently on episode 98. There were three whole days in which I was too busy to even work in one episode while eating, like I usually do. Most of what I watched was done Sunday night after I finally gave up adulting and just decided to relax. It helped, let me tell you.

I think this show is getting more and more interesting as I go along. I was starting to get bored with it again and then along comes a plot twist. Now I’m hooked once again. Only 179 episodes to go… right? Someday, I’ll be able to manage a full review of this show. Someday.


Reading: ‘Game Over’ by Andrew Klavan. I’m nearing completion of this series and let me tell you, this has been one wild, amazing ride. When I read the summary of it I was thinking it would be much more like Sword Art Online. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that while it has the whole virtual realm similarity, that’s about where it all ends. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the first season of SAO, but I’m very glad that this book series took a much different, almost more realistic turn.

The building in this novel has been great and the character development perfect. The main character, Rick Dial, has come so far from what he began as, but he didn’t progress too fast. His reactions were realistic and there haven’t been any ‘plot holes’ so to speak, at least that I’ve noticed. The development of the other characters has been great as well and I’m thoroughly satisfied with how everything has gone. I am at that part of the book where I’m sitting on pins and needles to figure out what’s next. After all this poor guy has gone through, I’m honestly unsure how he’ll get himself out of the situation he’s found himself in now. But I’m sure he will. He’ll be fine. (She said to herself fearfully…)


That’s about it for this week! I haven’t started on any Attack on Titan videos yet, or any other videos, but maybe by next week I’ll have some progress done on one to share with you guys.

Finish the week strong, nerd dudes and nerdettes!


My Top Five OTP’s

What’s the most feels-inducing thing I could possibly write about? OTP’s. Be ready for fangirling, which can include a variety of virtual screaming, crying, laughing, and strange dying animal noises. Here it goes: my top five OTP’s. I’m limiting myself to five because that’s all my emotions can handle. Also, I am not counting the OTP’s in which I ship myself with fictional characters, because that would be weird.


5) KirisunaKirito and Asuna from ‘Sword Art Online’  I stated before in a post that I liked season 1 of SAO but not so much anything after it. That holds true, but the show still has one of my top OTP’s. I remember beating the heck out of my best friend when Kirito kissed Asuna the first time. It made me so happy and at first I couldn’t exactly explain why. I’m not sure you really need to have an explanation with fangirling, but I think I’ll give it a shot.

One of my top criteria for a good couple is that both people in the relationship need to have goals beyond just being together. I find it pretty pointless if both parties are like ‘nothing else matters but him/her!’. Also, the ‘love at first sight’ thing is just redundant to me. Their relationship builds from acquaintances trying to get through this game to allies when they’re both strong, to friendship, and then (quite suddenly) romance. They appealed to me because while they do develop emotions that border the whole world revolving around each other ideal, it makes sense. They’re stuck in this game, fighting for their lives. All they want is to get out and live their lives together in a real setting. They fight for each other, are willing to sacrifice everything for each other, which shows just how much they do care about each other. And that’s why I love them so much.


4) RivetraLevi Ackerman and Petra Ral from ‘Attack on Titan’  This one hurts. If you haven’t seen ‘Attack on Titan’, I would still recommend it, but skip to number 3 right now, please. Spoilers ahead.

Honestly, there aren’t many ‘ships’ in the AoT realm if you look at it from a realistic perspective. You see Levi/Eren and Marco/Jean and Eren/Armin and just so many strange ships that just aren’t even there that I’m not sure there are any real ones. If I’m perfectly honest with myself, Levi and Petra may never have been a thing either, but I still ship it just like everyone else ships their relatively creepy ships. I mean come on, Levi is double Eren’s age. It’s creepy.

Here’s my reasoning behind Levi and Petra and where I think it might actually be canon. After they come back from the mission where Petra is (most depressingly) killed, in which Levi is more deadpan than usual, Petra’s father comes up to Levi. He’s rambling as he’s talking to our favorite little corporal, and if you listen closely, he mentions something about marriage. Back it up. He’s speaking to Levi, Petra’s commanding officer, telling him that he thinks his daughter is too young for marriage. Now why would a commanding officer, no matter how high up the chain, have any say in whether one of his subordinates gets married or not? He wouldn’t. Therefore, I have a suspicion that Petra was engaged to none other than Levi himself. We never really get to see them alone together so we don’t get to see how they speak to one another.

Another factor is that Auruo clearly had feelings for Petra, unreturned feelings. However, it’s pointed out several times that he’s trying to emulate Levi, noting his hair and how he sometimes speaks and acts. I suspect that he was trying to emulate the person that Petra had feelings for, in an attempt to turn her attention his way. This is technically just a theory, unless I’ve missed some important interview, but it’s one I will hold on to as canon until the show and/or manga proves otherwise.

Also, they’re both short. And she’s a little spitfire. And she can clean. If any woman could turn Levi’s head, I have a deep feeling it’s Petra, which is what makes that one horrifying episode so very sad to me.


3) Luca Forelli and Lia Betarrini from the ‘River of Times’ series by Lisa T. Bergren  As far as I know, they don’t have a ship name. It’s a lesser known series and I can never find anything on it. The fanfiction for this series is so depressingly few it physically hurts sometimes.

This isn’t the main couple of the series, but it’s still my favorite. Technically Luca breaks my rule of ‘love at first sight’, but in his defense, aside from Gabriella (who was clearly already falling for Marcello, his best friend), he had probably never seen a beautiful woman ready to defend herself tooth and nail like that. For a while, he faces unrequited love and he struggles to get out of the medieval Friendzone. It’s never exactly clear the moment that Lia begins to turn his way, or at least I don’t remember if there is one, but Luca slowly draws her heart in. He’s so loyal to her and so incredibly patient that the guy really deserves a medal. It takes him years to win her over and even when he does win her over, she’s still too terrified of what she knows is coming to agree to marriage. And then when she does agree to marriage, all heck breaks loose. He just can’t catch a break.

But in the end, it comes together nicely and they live happily ever after, so to speak. Their relationship is just so realistic in how patient he is and how Lia reacts to everything. It’s not just ‘girl gets thrown into the past, turns away from all she knows to leap into the arms of the handsome knight’. No, she handles it like a girl would actually handle it. She’s wary of staying in the past, she misses their mother, she’s logical about it all. When crap hits the fan five books later, she has an incredibly realistic breakdown and it takes her time to get over it. And through it all, they have each other. That’s why I absolutely love this series and this couple in particular.


2) Edwin and RoyaiEdward Elric X Winry Rockbell and Roy Mustang X Riza Hawkeye from ‘Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood’ I literally can’t pick between these two and since it’s the same anime, I count it as one. Both couples mean so much to me. I shall now explain why, individually.

Edwin. This is a couple that builds up from a friendship as children to eventual marriage. And yes, it is indeed canon. Watch through to the ends of the credits and you’ll see a picture of all of the characters older. Ed is holding a little boy that looks just like him and Winry is standing close by with a baby girl that looks just like her. The picture is reminiscent (on purpose, I believe) of the picture their mother had taken with Ed, Al, herself and their father. It shows how Edward has taken a different path and has chosen his family over alchemy. Of course, Al and Mei are there in the final credits picture as well, which is another OTP entirely.

I always admired how Winry handled everything in ‘Brotherhood’. She took her own path in life and even as she suspects that she’s beginning to fall in love with Edward, she continues doing what she has to do believing that they’ll reunite later. Her constant fear that something will happen to both him and Al breaks my heart for her but she doesn’t let it slow her down. Then you have Edward who is completely focused on getting his little brother’s body back. He doesn’t have time for romance and I don’t think he ever once stops to evaluate how he feels toward Winry. He just feels it and that’s very clear in how easily defensive he becomes of her. When he calls to make sure she’s okay. When he jumps between her and Scar, even though Scar’s nearly killed him once already and Winry has a gun. When he doesn’t even have to act angry at Kimbley for Winry getting ‘kidnapped’ by Scar, because he’s legitimately that angry she got put in that situation. He cares for her, deeply, and for the longest time I don’t think even he realizes it. And let’s not forget he seeks solitude in her room when they’re hiding out in Resembool. To summarize, their relationship goes way back and there’s a great number of layers to it, which is what makes it so great.


Royai. If ever there were a true contender against the number one OTP on my list, it might be these two. I honestly don’t even know if I can fully explain what I love about this ship but I will try.

Roy and Riza go way back. Not as far as Edward and Winry, but Riza is part of Roy’s past and a big part of his future, and vice versa. They’re war buddies, so to speak, and Riza loyally follows Roy just about everywhere to make sure he stays out of trouble.

At first, I think Riza begins following him because she sees that spark of leadership in him. She sees what he’s capable of and she wants to help him get there, keep him safe in the process. So she becomes a super awesome sniper. My personal opinion is that Roy probably had a crush on her before the war, from meeting her after her father’s death. I think she ends up becoming his ideal woman, though, because she’s not only beautiful but actually terrifying. If there’s one person who scares Roy Mustang, I think it would probably be Riza Hawkeye. She’s not afraid to tell him what’s up and to butt heads with him when need be. That’s exactly what Roy needs and what makes them an incredible power couple. And if you have any arguments about whether they have feelings for each other, go back and watch how they look at each other after Mei heals Hawkeye. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is.

(Also, you can watch the AMV I made for these two here! Please enjoy. The above mentioned ‘look’ is at the very end for reference. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6OHvzoRIsnA )


1) PercabethPercy Jackson and Annabeth Chase from the ‘Percy Jackson and the Olympians’ series by Rick Riordan

Read the series. You’ll understand.

Honestly, I could leave it at that. From start to finish, these two are relationship goals. They start off as barely even friends. They aren’t even supposed to be friends, because of who their godly parents are. They should be natural enemies, but they’re not. Somewhere along the way, they become best friends. And sometime after that, Percy begins to realize he sees her as more than just a friend. They’re each other’s first kiss and first relationship. In the ‘Heroes of Olympus’ series, Percy is very clearly thinking of a future with Annabeth in it and not just going to college with her. Everything about these two is perfect because their relationship isn’t perfect. They argue but they make up. They disagree but they find compromises. They get thrown into life threatening situations and find a way to get out together. It’s truly beautiful. Beyond that, there isn’t much I can say about this OTP to beat all OTP’s. The Percy Jackson world has completely taken over my life so it’s no surprise that these two are the top in my OTP book.


And I think that’s about it! If you read through all of that, I commend you. May you all have a great week! Until next time, nerd dudes and nerdettes!

In Which Life is Crazy

What’s up, everyone? Boy, has it been a crazy week. This ‘Weekly Update Wednesday’ is going to be a pretty big fail, because there really isn’t much to actually update on. I didn’t have any time to watch anime this weekend, though I was able to make a trip to the library which is always a treat. There’s not much on the agenda for this weekend (except work), so hopefully I can get further through my ‘to-watch’ list before next Wednesday rolls around.


Watching: Fairy Tail episode 91. That’s right, I only made it about five episodes in one week. I’m a horrible anime fan. It’s been relative torture, too, because I’m right in the middle of one of the big plot lines. Once this issue is resolved, I may take a break to watch ‘Black Butler’ season 3, or something else just for a time. My list is still so incredibly long that I feel maybe watching the whole 277 in chunks might be the better idea for my sanity. I really need to get on these anime boats before they take off and reach 100+ episodes.


Reading: ‘Mindwar’ by Andrew Klavan. I just started this Saturday and, despite how little time I’ve had to do anything, I’m over halfway through. This is slow progress for me, but break times at work help tremendously. This is an incredibly good book and I hope that it will only continue to get better. It’s very ‘Sword Art Online’-esque in that the main character ends up going into this virtual reality in which if he dies in the ‘game’, he dies in real life as well. It’s a bit more complicated than that, and there’s so many other things going on, but that’s a good part of it. The main character development has been pretty phenomenal. He almost seems to develop too fast at first, but under the situation he finds himself in, I think it’s actually pretty realistic for him to react the way he does. I would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys mystery and action novels. There’s been very little in the way of romance yet, but I’m sure it’s coming. It’s YA fiction. Romance is almost guaranteed.


Oh! In the midst of all of this, I’m also trying to plan out going to my first full weekend anime convention! I went to Kami-Con for one day back in January because I didn’t have the money for the whole weekend and I absolutely loved it. I’m now hooked and eager for my next convention. Unfortunately, I don’t really have any friends who would be willing to drive one state over to attend a Con, which means I’d be going solo. Not the safest thing for a young woman in a big city. So I’m looking to go safely and cheaply. Wish me luck! And if anyone can tell me where to find Winry Rockbell’s (Fullmetal Alchemist) black cropped jacket, please do let me know. I want to cosplay her so bad.

Have a great week, nerd dudes and nerdettes!

The Beginning of Weekly Update Wednesday!

My first ‘Weekly Update Wednesday’ and I’m pretty late in the day doing it. But that’s okay, because nobody’s even reading yet, right? Right. (If someone is reading this, HI!)

As a short introduction, Weekly Update Wednesday is pretty much how it sounds. I update on what I’m watching, reading, ect. and talk a bit about it. Nothing fancy, nothing really awesome and eye catching but if you want a suggestion of what to read or watch, this could be a place to get ideas.


What am I watching?

Fairy Tail (Currently episode 65)

I swear, I am never in a million years going to make it through this show. I found this on Netflix a while back (when it was actually still on Netflix) and all they had available was 48 episodes. I thought that was a tolerable amount and it looked like a great show, so I took the bite. The good news: It is a great show. The bad news: I found out fairly quickly that there are not, in fact, 48 episodes. More like 277. Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t like long-winded series, unless I jump on at the beginning and can keep up with it. However, I was already into the storyline so I signed up for a Funimation account and after finishing a few other shorter animes, I started Fairy Tail from the beginning again and here I am now, about to begin episode 66. Still a long way to go, but I do really enjoy this show. Just when I start to get ‘bored’, something comes along and snaps me right back to attention.

I would highly recommend it to anyone who likes both a challenge and a good anime.


What am I reading?

Black Butler Volume 16

Yes, a manga. That’s almost all I’ve been reading lately, but in my defense I just found out that my library actually has manga. I have a lot of catching up to do.

So far, I’m really loving the Black Butler manga and I actually prefer it to the anime. I do find it funny how they did something similar to the Titanic and now we’re in almost a Harry Potter setting. The only thing that makes me nervous about this is that it’s still ongoing. Meaning, these cliffhangers are going to be the end of me once I get to that point. I hate starting an unfinished series/manga, but I made the exception with this one because I was completely curious about how things ended off with season 2 of the anime. I am so glad that things diverged along the way. I can actually go back and watch season 3 now! (You know, if I ever finish ‘Fairy Tail’.)

This is also something that I would highly recommend, as long as you’re okay with a darker storyline. Ciel’s background alone is incredibly dark in theme, when you understand what exactly was done to him, and it doesn’t get much better as things go along. It is very well done, however, and there’s enough humor (albeit, dark humor) to keep things from being overwhelming.


Really, that’s about all for now. By this time next week, I expect I’ll be done with the ‘Black Butler’ manga and hope to be much farther in to ‘Fairy Tail’. I may have to take a sidetrack with anime, however, because I just found out today that ‘Blue Exorcist’ season 2 is already out, up to episode six. How did I miss that?! I knew it was going to get a season 2 this year, but I had no idea it would be so soon. Last time I looked I couldn’t even find a premiere date and now there’s six episodes for me to catch up on. I guess I know what I’m doing this weekend, even though I usually prefer the dubs over subs. My impatience won’t let me wait on this one.

Until the next post, awesome peoples!

The Beginning of an Era… Er, Blog

If you’ve stumbled across my tiny little section of the internet, that probably means that you’re avoiding reality as well! May you be welcome and enjoy your stay of insanity! Here I shall talk about what books I’ve read or am currently reading, what anime’s I’ve seen or am currently watching, as well as a variety of other little things that have to do with the general nerd life. I’m just getting started and am new to this whole ‘blog’ thing, so hang in there with me as I adjust accordingly. To whoever may find this first: Welcome!

I plan to have a few weekly post themes, so keep an eye out! Such themes shall include: Song Suggestion Saturday, in which I’ll throw out a musical suggestion for everyone’s listening pleasure; Weekly Update Wednesday, in which I’ll update on what I’m watching, what I’m reading, and any other updates that might interest you folks; and finally Random Sunday, in which I could post anything ranging from a rant, an observation, or a list of my favorite things! I might post other times during the week, but three is a pretty good number.

I hope that anyone reading this has a great week!