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The Beginning of an Era… Er, Blog

If you’ve stumbled across my tiny little section of the internet, that probably means that you’re avoiding reality as well! May you be welcome and enjoy your stay of insanity! Here I shall talk about what books I’ve read or am currently reading, what anime’s I’ve seen or am currently watching, as well as a variety of other little things that have to do with the general nerd life. I’m just getting started and am new to this whole ‘blog’ thing, so hang in there with me as I adjust accordingly. To whoever may find this first: Welcome!

I plan to have a few weekly post themes, so keep an eye out! Such themes shall include: Song Suggestion Saturday, in which I’ll throw out a musical suggestion for everyone’s listening pleasure; Weekly Update Wednesday, in which I’ll update on what I’m watching, what I’m reading, and any other updates that might interest you folks; and finally Random Sunday, in which I could post anything ranging from a rant, an observation, or a list of my favorite things! I might post other times during the week, but three is a pretty good number.

I hope that anyone reading this has a great week!